White Knight Creations

Dinosaur bone pendantThis is a fossilized dinosaur bone cabochon set in sterling silver. The border is textured with a hammer instead of a file to make the lines drawing your attention towards the stone at the center, because texturing it in this way leaves a slightly rounded indention that is not scratchy, and won’t snag on clothing. Click here to learn more about this piece.

Amethyst and sterling silver ringThis is a custom ordered wedding ring set I made. It is sterling silver with an amethyst cabochon. There are 4 bands on the amethyst ring that are woven together and soldered at the back, and under the stone.

Chainmaille snowflake earrings

These are Argentium silver (a tarnish resistant silver) chainmaille earrings. The chainmaille weave itself is known as December appropriately enough. It now takes me approximately 45 minutes to make each earring (so an hour and a half for a pair), If I have the links made and  cut already. This is down from 4 hours per earring when I first started using this weave. I chose to use Argentium in this piece as cleaning tarnish off of it at home would be impossible without specialized tools for the job (for example an ultrasonic or steam cleaner).

Turquoise and sterling silver cuff bracelet


This is a natural turquoise and sterling silver cuff bracelet with a hammered finish. I chose to hammer finish the piece as I felt it both complimented the turquoise, as well as making the piece easier to care for.