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Because every lady deserves a white knight.

White Knight Creations as a company came about in 2013. We wanted to provide custom, one of a kind and quality handmade jewelry items at a reasonable price. We use real stones wherever possible and make our own components in most cases. White Knight Creations currently has 3 artists making our products, Neal (My self), Jennifer (My wife), and Kimberly (My sister in law).






Neal – I came into starting the business in a roundabout way. I had experience making chainmaille armor for a live steel combat reenactment group that preformed at Renaissance Fairs. One Halloween my wife was going to wear her renaissance garb and asked me if I could make her some chainmaille jewelry to go with the outfit. I used some different chainmaille weaves and made a simple headband and some other pieces for her. She got lots of compliments on the pieces and when people found out I had made it asked her, “Does he sell that?” Thus was the business born. I have since branched out and, while I still enjoy making chainmaille, I primarily make other kinds of jewelry now from hand forged and wire wrapped items, to cast and soldered pieces. My new skills and tools allow me to use real stones (not just beads) in my work which I enjoy and feel makes the pieces more unique.

Jennifer –  I’ve always loved different types of crafts from crochet to candle making, but I’d never thought of making jewelry until my husband began doing it. I tried my hand at chainmaille and decided it was not for me, so I talked him into getting the equipment for torch fired enamel and I love it! I have since learned how to make various wire-wrapped styles and learned about beaded jewelry from my sister Kimberly. I am beginning to broaden my knowledge further by learning basic silversmithing. I love working in different mediums and seeing the unique outcomes, but my favorite part is wearing my jewelry and watching other people wear my jewelry with excitement and joy!

Kimberly – I’ve enjoyed doing different kinds of crafts since I was little from making candles to sewing and painting. About three years ago I started learning how to make my own jewelry from one of my siblings. I started off mainly doing beaded jewelry but have since learned other styles. Since working with Neal and Jennifer on White Knight Creations I have learned to do chainmaille, torch fired enamel and wire-wrapped jewelry. I’m hoping to learn more about setting jewelry in the future. I love the fact that I can make my own jewelry for different occasions and that I can help others find the right piece for their events.