White Knight Creations

The Upcycleing Jewelry Trend

Upcycleing seems to be a pretty popular trend lately both in jewelry and other forms. I have been thinking about doing a collection based on this but with a slight twist. I have a metal detector that I haven’t had an excuse to use much lately and was thinking about making jewelry with items I […]

My wife's wedding and engagement rings.

Creepy or cool? Diamonds made from your loved ones (living or dead)

I recently stumbled across a company that will turn the cremated remains of your loved ones into diamonds. It also seems they can do the same thing from hair as well, which opens some other interesting possibilities. They can even do the process with your pets.

Big Dipper Pendant

How to prolong time between cleanings of your jewelry pieces.

I thought I would share a tip on how to go for longer periods in between having to clean your jewelry pieces when storing them. As you may know Silver, Copper, and many other metals commonly used for making jewelry tarnishes over time. Tarnish is basically a nicer way of saying rust in this case, […]

Desk with jewelry tools

How I got started making Jewelry

I have always enjoyed making things with my hands, and was fortunate to have a family that encouraged a myriad of different hobbies. Many of the skills I used in one of my hobbies has been able to either carry over or inspire ways to make jewelry for me. One of my favorites was always […]

Amethyst and sterling silver ring

What makes jewelry precious?

       Merriam-Webster defines precious as, 1) rare and worth a lot of money, 2) very valuable or important, or 3) greatly loved, valued or important. It defines Valuable as 1) worth a lot of money, 2) very useful or helpful, or 3) important and in limited amount. So what really makes jewelry precious […]